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How to Make Integrated Project Delivery Work for Your Project

Early successes with IPD are now legendary but also fostered misconceptions. We deconstruct those and provide tips to ensure collaboration translates to results.

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Who's Invited to the Green Building Table?

Design-bid-build, design-build, and integrated project delivery explained!

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New Online Portal for AIA 2030 Eases Burden of Reporting

Green Building News

AIA Top Ten Projects Demonstrate High Ideals on a Real-World Budget

2015 Project awards from the AIA’s Committee on the Environment (COTE) celebrate how mainstream good design can be.

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Reduce Your Audit Risk with the R&D Tax Credit: Five Tips

The federal R&D credit looks like low-hanging fruit, but there might be a worm in the apple. Experts share lower-risk ways for AEC firms to file.

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LEED Offers Living Building Challenge Alignment

Projects certified under LBC will be able to get full LEED credit in energy and water categories without added documentation.

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California Could Go Solar Without Destroying Habitat

If PV were installed only in developed locations throughout California, the state could meets its energy needs three to five times over.

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Building Owners “Shafted” by Antiquated Fire Codes

In NYC and beyond, old regulations for elevator shafts waste energy —to the tune of millions of dollars every year. Urban Green Council offers solutions.

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White Roofs in Cold Climates a Mistake, Says LCA Study

While roofs with solar panels are a plus, researchers suggest white roofs in Canada do more harm than good because of steep heating penalties.

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Product News & Reviews

Polyiso Impacts Are High, but Performance May Make Up for Them

An EPD for polyisocyanurate insulation shows large embodied impacts while suggesting R-value cancels some of them out.

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Innovative Australian Fan Blows Into U.S.

A new energy-efficient fan from Aeratron offers performance and looks at a reasonable cost.

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BackPage Primer

Getting “Conflict Minerals” Out of Our Products

While “blood diamonds” get attention, mining of metals like tin and tungsten helps finance civil wars. Here’s a look at the movement to change that.

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