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What Makes Plumbing Green? BuildingGreen’s Guide to Plumbing Products

People like a clean flush and a long shower, but water is getting scarcer. Selecting the right building products can meet both needs.

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Surgeon General to Designers: Promote More Walking

Energy Disclosure Laws Prompt New Standard for Rating Systems

Jason McLennan Steps Down as Living Future CEO

Latest Green Globes Draft Open for Public Comment

New HPD Promises Better Reporting, More Participation

How a Dense Metropolis Can Support a Living Building

Green Building News

How a Dense Metropolis Can Support a Living Building

Net-zero water tops the list of obstacles a New York group is tackling. Its goal: to solve the large-scale ecological problems of dense urban areas.

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Air Pollution Near Kids’ Homes Linked to Lower Grades at School

Academic performance of minority students shows disproportionate effects from air pollution, according to a study in El Paso.

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Impacts of Architectural Coatings to Be Measured Over 60 Years

The first PCR created for architectural coatings in North America

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Tenant Submetering Now Mandatory in New York City

Local Law 88 requires submetering and lighting upgrades for large non-residential buildings.

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Even Dust Is Fattening, Thanks to Phthalates

Household dust is laden with plasticizers and flame retardants that can trigger fat storage, researchers find.

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Four Reasons Building Performance Is Worse Than Predicted

It’s common for energy use to far exceed what models predict. Should outcome-based measures be the new standard?

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Product News & Reviews

Gunlocke Seat Back Goes Red-List Free Using Mushrooms

The first furniture manufacturer incorporates Myco Board because the mushroom-based product is a sturdier alternative to plywood.

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A “Waterless” Urinal Without the Odor

Sloan’s Hybrid urinal is water efficient and uses a pre-programmed, bi-weekly rinse that minimizes odor and maintenance problems.

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BackPage Primer

The Embodied Energy of Tap Water

A third of the annual energy bill paid by a municipality goes toward water treatment. Here’s why clean water uses so much energy.

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