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Natural Ventilation: The Nine Biggest Obstacles and How Project Teams Are Beating Them

Designers are reinventing the art and science of passive comfort control even where climate and culture favor mechanical systems.

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Local Energy Profiles Now Easier with DOE SLED Tool

“Sun, Wind & Light” Adopts Net-Zero Focus

Obscure Channel Allows Industry to Weaken Environmental Regulations

Onsite Verification Part of LEED’s Global Vision

Green Building News

NYC Carbon Challenge Makes Headway in the Private Sector

With projects meeting New York’s steep goal of 30% less carbon ahead of schedule, the city calls on even more buildings to take on the challenge.

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SITES v2 for Sustainable Landscapes Aligns with LEED

Now publicly available, the updated rating system features new credits and benchmarks based on expert input.

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Tuning Today’s Building Designs to Tomorrow’s Climate

A new modeling tool, WeatherShift, helps designers see how designs today can account for comfort, resilience, and energy needs decades down the line.

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EPA to Ban Several Common HFC Blowing Agents, Refrigerants

Aimed at curbing global warming, a proposed rule would ban HFC-134a, used in XPS production and for refrigeration.

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Product Watchdogs Pledge Standardized Ingredient Reporting Platform

A promised database funded by Google.org and USGBC aims to end marketplace confusion and lower the cost of ingredient disclosure.

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U.N. Seeks to Create Disaster-Resilient Economies with R!SE

Helping corporations bolster their defenses against the economic effects of natural disasters is the focus of the new initiative.

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DOE: ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Saves 8.5% Source Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy seeks to require states to adopt the latest version of the key energy standard.

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$70 Million Fund Ready to Finance Building Energy Projects

Capitalized with $70 million and a quick application process, Eutectics is ready to finance small solar and efficiency retrofits for commercial properties.

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Air Conditioners Are Heating Up Our Cities

Waste heat from air conditioners contributes to higher nighttime temperatures, in turn increasing cooling demands, according to a new study.

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Twenty-Year Payback for Embodied Carbon of Triple-Glazed Windows

It takes almost 20 years for triple-glazed windows to save enough energy to overcome their additional embodied carbon, according to a new study.

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Emerging Technologies Address the Water-Energy Nexus

DOE is highlighting technologies that simultaneously save water and energy, including supercritical carbon dioxide recompression for power plants.

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Product News & Reviews

Silicone Air Barrier Offers Simple, Systematic Approach

A whole-building air barrier system with a 15-year warranty is offered as a package from Dow Corning.

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New Ground-Source Heat Pumps Saving Energy and Dollars in Commercial Applications

WaterFurnace’s CLW Chiller “geothermal” heat pump also uses excess heat and cooling within a building to provide energy-efficient HVAC.

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From the Editors

Architectural Board Should Reinstate Sustainability Criteria

BackPage Primer

Putting a “LID” on Harmful Stormwater Runoff

Low-impact development (LID) minimizes pavement and maximizes rainwater infiltration, filtering out pollution and preventing erosion.

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