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Go with the Flows: The Promise and Peril of Hygrothermal Modeling

Tools modeling heat and moisture flows in building envelopes, such as WUFI, offer vital information for architects and engineers-but their misuse can do harm.

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South Carolina Ban Rejects LEED v4 Materials Credit

Green Building News

Spurred by Chemical Industry, Ohio Moves Anti-LEED Bill Forward

Urging a LEED v4 ban, SCR 25 has passed in the Ohio Senate with support from the vinyl, coal, and forestry industries.

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Data Show Plaque Thresholds Push LEED Projects Higher

Researchers argue that almost 20% of LEED projects earn additional points simply for the marketing benefits of a higher certification.

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Passive House Standards to Add Net-Zero-Energy Options

New categories of certification under the Passive House standards will recognize buildings that offset energy use with onsite renewables.

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Feds and Green Building: Behind the Scenes of LEED, Green Globes Rulemaking

There's public wrangling over green building policy, and then there's the stuff that goes on behind closed doors. We got a rare peek through the keyhole.

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Product News & Reviews

Biobased Interior Panels from Drought-Resistant Sorghum

DurahStyle architectural panels are made in the U.S. from rapidly renewable, drought-resistant sorghum and formaldehyde-free MDI resins.

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Choosing the Right Hygrothermal Modeling Tool

From the free hygIRC software to an expanding suite of WUFI applications, the hygrothermal modeling world has many options to offer.

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Urban Green Opens Call for EBie Awards

EPA Finds Coal Fly Ash Safe in Concrete and Gypsum Wallboard

Switching to Portland Limestone Cement Could Reduce Emissions

ANSI to Pilot Greenwash-Busting Eco-Label Program

Milk Byproduct Could Become New Flame Retardant

Virtual Energy Assessments Pinpoint High Plug Loads

Soil Matters, Say Scientists at Ecosystem Conference

Search for High-Performing Products in New NREL Database

BackPage Primer

Building Products and Health: A Look at Risk vs. Hazard

Use of "hazard avoidance" versus "risk assessment" for understanding toxicity of building materials is hotly debated. Why, and is there a common-sense answer?

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April 2014

Volume 23, Number 4

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