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Take Control of Your Materials: Four Empowering Lessons from Teams That Beat the Red List

Need to streamline your product vetting process? These LBC project teams have it down to a science, and anyone can apply their methods.

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Fannie Mae Offers Lower Interest Rates to Green Multifamily

GreenCircle Will Label Products Eligible for LEED v4

Should Feds Adopt LEED v4? Uncle Sam Wants Your Input

Green Building News

Huge Carbon Savings from Transit Could Dwarf Building Efficiency

LEED-EBOM project data confirm that how people get to the office has a greater impact than other green building efforts.

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Healthcare Giants Boycott Furniture Containing Flame Retardants

Sixteen major buyers, including tech firms, retailers, and U.S. cities, have pledged to purchase furniture containing no chemical flame retardants.

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Ibuprofen Side Effects May Include Stunted Produce, Infertile Otters

From our bodies into wastewater, and back into our water supplies, pharmaceuticals are disrupting biological processes in plants and animals.

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California Questions Whether Low VOCs Make Artificial Turf Safe

Smell no evil, see no evil: low counts of toxic fumes have been used to argue turf fields with crumb rubber are safe, but a new bill calls for more study.

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Product News & Reviews

Spray Foam with Minimal Global Warming Impact Now Available

U.S. production of next-generation HFO blowing agents signals a positive shift in the spray polyurethane foam (SPF) market.

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Ten Green Products That Could Transform the Building Industry: An Updated Wish List

We’ve been pleasantly surprised with recent green building innovations, but we can always dream of more. Here’s what’s on our wish list now.

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A New Place to Store Rainwater: The Fence

Created by a 14-year-old student for a science fair, Water Fence provides an innovative solution for storing large volumes of water.

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From the Editors

Muscoe Martin: 1955–2014

BackPage Primer

The Problem with Red Lists

Having a short list of toxic chemicals to avoid is convenient, but nasty “alternatives” can sneak in the back door. Hazard screenings help solve this problem.

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February 2015

Volume 24, Number 2

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