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What Makes Plumbing Green? BuildingGreen’s Guide to Plumbing Products

People like a clean flush and a long shower, but water is getting scarcer. Selecting the right building products can meet both needs.

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Energy Disclosure Laws Prompt New Standard for Rating Systems

Surgeon General to Designers: Promote More Walking

Latest Green Globes Draft Open for Public Comment

Jason McLennan Steps Down as Living Future CEO

New HPD Promises Better Reporting, More Participation

How a Dense Metropolis Can Support a Living Building

Green Building News

How a Dense Metropolis Can Support a Living Building

Net-zero water tops the list of obstacles a New York group is tackling. Its goal: to solve the large-scale ecological problems of dense urban areas.

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Air Pollution Near Kids’ Homes Linked to Lower Grades at School

Academic performance of minority students shows disproportionate effects from air pollution, according to a study in El Paso.

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Impacts of Architectural Coatings to Be Measured Over 60 Years

The first PCR created for architectural coatings in North America

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Tenant Submetering Now Mandatory in New York City

Local Law 88 requires submetering and lighting upgrades for large non-residential buildings.

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Even Dust Is Fattening, Thanks to Phthalates

Household dust is laden with plasticizers and flame retardants that can trigger fat storage, researchers find.

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Four Reasons Building Performance Is Worse Than Predicted

It’s common for energy use to far exceed what models predict. Should outcome-based measures be the new standard?

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Product News & Reviews

Gunlocke Seat Back Goes Red-List Free Using Mushrooms

The first furniture manufacturer incorporates Myco Board because the mushroom-based product is a sturdier alternative to plywood.

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A “Waterless” Urinal Without the Odor

Sloan’s Hybrid urinal is water efficient and uses a pre-programmed, bi-weekly rinse that minimizes odor and maintenance problems.

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BackPage Primer

The Embodied Energy of Tap Water

A third of the annual energy bill paid by a municipality goes toward water treatment. Here’s why clean water uses so much energy.

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