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Cladding: More Than Just a Pretty Façade

Cladding materials should be chosen to minimize environmental impacts and help maximize a building’s energy performance.

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Cleaner Lungs Could Pay for Billion-Dollar Emissions Policies

Kids Breathe Easier When Trees Eat Smog

Coal, Not Wind or Solar, Is Worst for Birds

Green Building News

One Standard to Rule Them All: LEED, IgCC, 189.1 to Be Parts of Single System

Building codes could harmonize seamlessly with LEED certification as USGBC, ASHRAE, and ICC join forces.

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Onsite Verification Part of LEED’s Global Vision

GBCI will partner with Bureau Veritas to provide global support for LEED certification, with a focus on customer service and rigor.

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Green Groups Still Mostly White, Diversity Study Finds

A new report says that mainstream environmental organizations claim they want to become more diverse but are resistant to including social justice in their missions.

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Obscure Channel Allows Industry to Weaken Environmental Regulations

A new report argues that the White House’s little-known Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs is a lobbyist’s dream.

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Local Energy Profiles Now Easier with DOE SLED Tool

Punch in a zip code and get instant data on the local electrical grid, potential for renewables, utility costs, and more.

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Architects Worldwide Agree to Zero-Carbon Buildings By 2050

Member organizations of the International Union of Architects have unanimously adopted the 2050 Imperative.

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“Sun, Wind & Light” Adopts Net-Zero Focus

This leading textbook emphasizes preliminary design strategies to reduce energy loads with a new intent of preparing architects for net-zero design.

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EPA Primer on Moisture Control Filled With Strategies, Checklists

A free resource outlines basic moisture-management practices for design, construction, and maintenance of both homes and commercial buildings.

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Solar-PV Safety Training Offered to Firefighters

New workshops open to firefighters in New York cover how to safely navigate and disable roof-mounted solar systems.

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First Health Product Declaration Verified by NSF

The first HPD verified through NSF’s third-party program is for PVC-free, biobased corner guards from Alpar.

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Product News & Reviews

For a Low-Maintenance Green Roof, Give Plants Better Soil

Inventors of the WaterGrip growing medium say it supports near-miraculous growth—but do their claims hold as much water as their soil?

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Ekla’s Natural Latex Couch Is Flame Retardant-Free

With all organic fabric, natural latex, and wool fill, this upholstered furniture is one of the first lines to completely bypass added flame retardants.

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BackPage Primer

Talk Perms Like a Pro: The Science of Water Vapor

Faced with managing water vapor in buildings? Who isn’t? Put down that polyethylene and learn to talk like a building scientist.

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