Credit: Photo: Allie Goldstein, Great American Adaptation Road Trip

Are Cool Roofs Green? The Answer’s Not Black and White

Roofing choices are complicated by heating tradeoffs, climate effects, and condensation, but proponents say reflective roofs still make sense in most climates.

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Product News & Reviews

Cost-Competitive LED Outdoor Area Lighting Is Here

Cree’s high-performing LED technology plus an improved manufacturing process create the low-cost OSQ Area LED for parking, roads, and other uses.

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Stormwater Biofiltration That’s Also Smaller and Cheaper

Maximizing principles of low-impact development, FocalPoint offers biological stormwater treatment for streetscapes, parking lots, and other tight spaces.

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Polyiso Insulation Without Halogenated Flame Retardant

Johns Manville introduces a premium polyisocyanurate foam insulation that is free of toxic halogenated flame retardants.

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Parking Garages Get Their Own Sustainability Certification

Five Projects Receive Net-Zero-Energy Certification

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Environmental Data for Window Glass Coming

Budding Purchasing Standard Includes Transparency in Principles

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Safety Sheets Getting New Format—And Some New Data

The new Globally Harmonized System for the MSDS will make reporting requirements stricter and should make the forms easier to read.

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