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Feature articles (CEUs available)

Finding Products for LEED v4-A Guide

That complicated new Materials and Resources section of LEED v4 that we debated for years? It's here. Are you ready?

New Concepts in LEED v4

Past versions of LEED have helped make FSC and other concepts practically household terms. Where is LEED v4 taking the green building conversation next?

Measuring Energy Use in Buildings: Do Our Metrics Really Add Up?

How much energy our buildings use matters a great deal, but figuring out how to measure that use and compare it from building to building is tricky. Here's a guide to key metrics and how to use them.

Other LEED articles from EBN

Finding HPDs: How We Do It At BuildingGreen

Automatic LEED Points for CALGreen Code Compliance

LEED 101: A Syllabus Supplement for Green Building Coursework

LEED Offers Living Building Challenge Alignment

GreenCircle Will Label Products Eligible for LEED v4

USGBC, Chemical Industry Begin Talks

Chemical Industry, USGBC Announce Ceasefire

Attacks on LEED Continue in House Spending Bill

One Standard to Rule Them All: LEED, IgCC, 189.1 to Be Parts of Single System

Onsite Verification Part of LEED’s Global Vision

LEED Buildings Still Average in Occupant Satisfaction

Milwaukee Affordable Housing Project First to Achieve LEED-ND Silver

Spurred by Chemical Industry, Ohio Moves Anti-LEED Bill Forward

Feds and Green Building: Behind the Scenes of LEED, Green Globes Rulemaking

Data Show Plaque Thresholds Push LEED Projects Higher

LEED Ban Lifted in New Military Spending Bill

Paseo Verde in Philly First to Achieve LEED-ND Platinum

First LEED v4 Projects Certified

Maryland May Accept IgCC for Public Buildings Along with LEED

Feds Put Green Globes on Pedestal with LEED

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From our LEED blog

Why I’m About to Fail the New, Harder LEED v4 AP Exam

You heard it here first: the new LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) exams require a much deeper knowledge of the reference guide.

Is PVC Banned in LEED v4?

Is LEED v4 leading architects to arbitrarily avoid PVC, to the detriment of their projects? The Vinyl Institute says it is. We check the facts. Would PVC-containing products like these carpet tiles from InterfaceFLOR be banned under LEED v4? The short answer is "no." Photo – InterfaceFLOR

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