Credit: Davis Partnership Architects

LEED v4 Tips from Early Adopters: Earn High Ratings Without Added Costs

You can avoid lower LEED v4 scores and keep costs in check. Here’s how—including the pitfalls you need to watch out for.

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Product News & Reviews

Greenest of the Green Energy-Saving Products from Greenbuild

The Greenbuild 2015 expo featured some exciting innovations, including a DC-powered “net-zero energy zone.”

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Greenest Greenbuild Products for the Indoor Environment and More

We look at products that improve indoor environmental quality and check in on advances from previous Top 10 winners.

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Green Building News

Phthalates Absorbed More Readily Than Previously Thought

SVOCs like phthalates are released into the air, according to a new study, so you’re breathing and absorbing them, not just eating them.

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Employee Performance Doubled in Well-Ventilated Buildings

Reducing VOCs and adding more fresh air resulted in cognitive function test scores that were 101% higher in a double-blind study.

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New Tool Compares VOC Content of Coatings for Product Selection

Healthy Building Network’s CompAIR calculator allows you to compare the total VOCs of wet-applied coatings based on coverage and other factors.

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USGBC, Chemical Industry Reach Historic Compromise on Product Optimization

Option 3 of the LEED v4 Material Ingredients credit rewards manufacturers for chemical management up the supply chain.

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Vinyl Group Launches Reporting Label for Toxic Chemicals

Flooring manufacturers and their Product Transparency Declaration (PTD) will compete with the Health Product Declaration (HPD) format for industry acceptance.

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From the Editors

A New Year’s Toast to Practically Perfect Products

Our Top 10 products are leading toward a more sustainable future. They are not perfect, but let’s not let a desire for perfection be the enemy of the good.

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