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Certified Wood: How SFI Compares to FSC

FSC-certified wood is ingrained in rating systems like LEED, but rival SFI has a revised standard. Can it show it’s just as good on the issues that matter most?

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What These Forestry Labels Really Mean

You’ve seen FSC and SFI labels on wood products. Most often, you’ve seen no label at all. Here’s a green guide to each one.

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Product News & Reviews

Three Lounge Seating Manufacturers Keeping Pace with High BIFMA Standards

Three lounge seating manufacturers have been certified to BIFMA e3 level 3, but tracking chemicals of concern in these products is still a challenge.

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Vinyl Roofing Membrane EPD Details Cradle-to-Grave Impacts

More trade groups are publishing industry-wide environmental product declarations to meet LEED v4 requirements.

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Green Building News

Will Aggressive Performance Goals Fit Under Google’s Glass Tent?

Google’s green headquarters design hinges on new technologies, like a “glass fabric” enclosure.

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Yudelson Steps Down from Green Globes

After just over a year at the helm of the Green Building Initiative (GBI), Jerry Yudelson has made a sudden exit, with an old hand stepping back up to lead.

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New Thinkstep Launchpad for Sustainability Apps Bolstered by LCA Data

Rebranded as thinkstep, the life-cycle assessment firm PE International promises a new platform to integrate product data and more.

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Plum Creek SFI Certification, Audit Process Challenged in Oregon

An Oregon nonprofit is seeking to suspend Plum Creek’s SFI certificate in Oregon due to legal violations. The company says it has already addressed the issues.

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Huge Carbon Savings from Transit Could Dwarf Building Efficiency

LEED-EBOM project data confirm that how people get to the office has a greater impact than other green building efforts.

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From the Editors

Muscoe Martin: 1955–2014

The green building world has lost another champion, Muscoe Martin, of Philadelphia.

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