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Cool Products from the Latest Greenbuild Expo

We scoured the Greenbuild expo floor for the best new products and the most interesting updates. Then we whittled it down to these standouts.

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The 8 Shades of Greenwash: How Many Do You Recognize?

Most building products these days have an environmental angle to their sales pitches. Many are legit, but as ever, you still have to watch for the telltale signs of greenwash—the practice of inventing or exaggerating the environmental benefits of a product.

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Product News & Reviews

Solar Farms Offer Renewable Power for the Rest of Us

Community solar allows customers with site limitations to purchase commercial-quality photovoltaic systems—and the Clean Energy Collective is making it easier.

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Faucets That Combat Infection Without Wasting Water

New technology from Rada helps prevent life-threatening Legionella and other pathogens from growing in pipes and faucets—a big problem in healthcare.

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Green Building News

USGBC, Chemical Industry Begin Talks

You say “risk” and I say “hazard,” but we can’t call the whole thing off. So the Supply Chain Optimization Working Group is set to begin its work.

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Material Health Tools Harmonize

Manufacturers should get more consistent signals as Cradle to Cradle, GreenScreen, Pharos, and other tools align, while staking out niches.

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AIA Prioritizes Resilient Design, Product Transparency

New statements on resilience and healthy materials expand the AIA’s environmental advocacy.

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Harmful Chemicals May Leach from PEX into Drinking Water

Replacing PVC with untested substitutes? New research shows how little we understand about how plumbing materials affect indoor water quality.

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Polyiso Manufacturers Turn Blind Eye to Problems at Cold Temperatures

R-values that fluctuate with temperature can be a serious problem with polyiso in some climates. New design guidance could help.

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From the Editors

Architectural Board Should Reinstate Sustainability Criteria

Collaboration skills and sustainability concepts are being “elevated” by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)—but it’s really a demotion.

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GreenSpec new listings

Dyson Airblade dryers

Dyson B2B, Inc.
Added on 12/01/2014

Rada Digital Thermostatic Faucet

Rada Controls
Added on 12/01/2014

Rada Digital Thermostatic Shower

Rada Controls
Added on 12/01/2014

Stelpro Design Bathroom Fans

Stelpro Design Inc.
Added on 10/13/2014

Residential Advice & Analysis

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Posted September 22, 2014 by Nadav Malin

Foam-In-Place Insulation: 7 Tips for Getting Injection and Spray Foam Right

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Our Energy Solutions Have All Been Found

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The Cover Image That Set Off a Firestorm

Posted June 9, 2014 by Nadav Malin

Hurricane in a Bottle: Testing Building Assemblies for Moisture Resistance

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