Credit: Photo Courtesy Lake|Flato Architects

Take Control of Your Materials: Four Empowering Lessons from Teams That Beat the Red List

Need to streamline your product vetting process? These LBC project teams have it down to a science, and anyone can apply their methods.

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Product News & Reviews

Ten Green Products That Could Transform the Building Industry: An Updated Wish List

We’ve been pleasantly surprised with recent green building innovations, but we can always dream of more. Here’s what’s on our wish list now.

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A New Place to Store Rainwater: The Fence

Created by a 14-year-old student for a science fair, Water Fence provides an innovative solution for storing large volumes of water.

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Green Building News

Huge Carbon Savings from Transit Could Dwarf Building Efficiency

LEED-EBOM project data confirm that how people get to the office has a greater impact than other green building efforts.

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Material Health Tools Harmonize

Manufacturers should get more consistent signals as Cradle to Cradle, GreenScreen, Pharos, and other tools align, while staking out niches.

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USGBC, Chemical Industry Begin Talks

You say “risk” and I say “hazard,” but we can’t call the whole thing off. So the Supply Chain Optimization Working Group is set to begin its work.

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AIA Prioritizes Resilient Design, Product Transparency

New statements on resilience and healthy materials expand the AIA’s environmental advocacy.

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Polyiso Manufacturers Turn Blind Eye to Problems at Cold Temperatures

R-values that fluctuate with temperature can be a serious problem with polyiso in some climates. New design guidance could help.

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From the Editors

Muscoe Martin: 1955–2014

The green building world has lost another champion, Muscoe Martin, of Philadelphia.

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