Credit: Carnegie Fabrics

A Guide to Selecting Sustainable Textiles

Textiles’ good looks hide an ugly environmental legacy, but there are five straightforward ways to make responsible design choices.

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Textile Choices: Cleaner Options for Every Application

Standard textiles can have a toxic, devastating impact on our environment. Your project can do better.

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Three Hazardous Textile Treatments and How to Avoid Them

You can avoid the most toxic textile treatments with proper fabric selection and maintenance.

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Four Credible Certifications to Aid Contract Textile Selection

Textile standards and certifications look at fiber production, life cycle, chemistry, and more, but in the U.S. they are just gaining traction.

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Product News & Reviews

Rubber Flooring: A Good Use for Old Car Tires?

Rubber flooring is getting greener overall, but tire-derived products are still an iffy proposition.

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Two Manufacturers Offer Greener Rubber Flooring

Is rubber flooring sustainable? The jury is still out on most products, but nora and Artigo offer the best on the market.

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Green Building News

Phthalates Absorbed More Readily Than Previously Thought

SVOCs like phthalates are released into the air, according to a new study, so you’re breathing and absorbing them, not just eating them.

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Employee Performance Doubled in Well-Ventilated Buildings

Reducing VOCs and adding more fresh air resulted in cognitive function test scores that were 101% higher in a double-blind study.

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New Tool Compares VOC Content of Coatings for Product Selection

Healthy Building Network’s CompAIR calculator allows you to compare the total VOCs of wet-applied coatings based on coverage and other factors.

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USGBC, Chemical Industry Reach Historic Compromise on Product Optimization

Option 3 of the LEED v4 Material Ingredients credit rewards manufacturers for chemical management up the supply chain.

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Vinyl Group Launches Reporting Label for Toxic Chemicals

Flooring manufacturers and their Product Transparency Declaration (PTD) will compete with the Health Product Declaration (HPD) format for industry acceptance.

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From the Editors

The Big Materials Dream Needs to Include Climate Change and More

We’re finally getting vital toxicity information about building products. But let’s remember that sustainability is about more than avoiding health hazards.

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