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Cladding: More Than Just a Pretty Façade

Cladding materials should be chosen to minimize environmental impacts and help maximize a building’s energy performance.

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Product News & Reviews

Ekla’s Natural Latex Couch Is Flame Retardant-Free

With all organic fabric, natural latex, and wool fill, this upholstered furniture is one of the first lines to completely bypass added flame retardants.

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For a Low-Maintenance Green Roof, Give Plants Better Soil

Inventors of the WaterGrip growing medium say it supports near-miraculous growth—but do their claims hold as much water as their soil?

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Green Building News

Chemical Industry, USGBC Announce Ceasefire

After years of anti-LEED lobbying, the American Chemistry Council says it wants to work to make LEED better.

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Attacks on LEED Continue in House Spending Bill

Some lawmakers want government agencies to justify green building and change how they use certifications like LEED and Green Globes.

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Green Groups Still Mostly White, Diversity Study Finds

A new report says that mainstream environmental organizations claim they want to become more diverse but are resistant to including social justice in their missions.

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One Standard to Rule Them All: LEED, IgCC, 189.1 to Be Parts of Single System

Building codes could harmonize seamlessly with LEED certification as USGBC, ASHRAE, and ICC join forces.

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Onsite Verification Part of LEED’s Global Vision

GBCI will partner with Bureau Veritas to provide global support for LEED certification, with a focus on customer service and rigor.

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From the Editors

Architectural Board Should Reinstate Sustainability Criteria

Collaboration skills and sustainability concepts are being “elevated” by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)—but it’s really a demotion.

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Pro Clima Air Barrier Tapes

Four Seven Five
Added on 09/11/2014

EcoSlender High-Speed Hand Dryer

Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd.
Added on 08/01/2014

ENRGY 3.E Polyisocyanurate Board Insulation

Johns Manville Corporation
Added on 08/01/2014

Fermacell Gypsum Fiber Board

Fermacell GmbH
Added on 07/25/2014

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