Credit: Photo courtesy Delta Development

Circular Economy at Scale: Six International Case Studies

These teams are applying radical life-cycle thinking to entire projects—and redefining what building ownership means in the process.

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Product News & Reviews

Bamboo Flooring: Still Green, for a Price

Bamboo flooring, the rapidly renewable darling of the green building movement, is still sustainable if you are willing to pay for quality.

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A “Waterless” Urinal Without the Odor

Sloan’s Hybrid urinal is water efficient and uses a pre-programmed, bi-weekly rinse that minimizes odor and maintenance problems.

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Green Building News

Source Energy Is Federally Endorsed Metric for Net-Zero Buildings

The DOE releases a definition of zero energy buildings that it hopes will be adopted industry-wide.

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Green Building to Create 3 Million Jobs by 2018, Says USGBC

A new report estimates the economic impact of LEED and green construction to date and predicts a trajectory of growth.

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Latest Green Globes Draft Open for Public Comment

Comments, anyone? Highlights from the first draft of the new GBI-01 standard.

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Jason McLennan Steps Down as Living Future CEO

McLennan will focus on his own practice after a decade as head of the International Living Future Institute.

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New HPD Promises Better Reporting, More Participation

Version 2.0 of the Health Product Declaration aims to make the rules clearer and the format more attractive for manufacturers.

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From the Editors

EPDs: One Small Step for Design Professionals, a Giant Leap for Industry

Uptake of life-cycle assessment will produce huge amounts of data that designers can use to reduce whole-building impacts.

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