Credit: Photo: Allie Goldstein, Great American Adaptation Road Trip

Are Cool Roofs Green? The Answer’s Not Black and White

Roofing choices are complicated by heating tradeoffs, climate effects, and condensation, but proponents say reflective roofs still make sense in most climates.

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Product News & Reviews

Cost-Competitive LED Outdoor Area Lighting Is Here

Cree’s high-performing LED technology plus an improved manufacturing process create the low-cost OSQ Area LED for parking, roads, and other uses.

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Green Building News

NYC Carbon Challenge Makes Headway in the Private Sector

With projects meeting New York’s steep goal of 30% less carbon ahead of schedule, the city calls on even more buildings to take on the challenge.

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EBies for 2014 Shine (Efficient) Spotlight on Existing Buildings

Urban Green Council rolls out the green carpet and rewards exceptional achievements in energy, water, lighting, and more.

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Beyond Living Buildings: ILFI Expands Scope to Food, Products, Communities

With new program announcements, the International Living Future Institute and its Living Building Challenge continue to drive innovation and transformation.

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Cost Premium of Net-Zero Not Far from LEED Platinum

Finding cost premiums as little as 5% over LEED Platinum, a new report highlights how D.C. can incentivize net-zero and Living buildings.

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LEED Buildings Still Average in Occupant Satisfaction

Early versions of LEED pull ahead in air quality but lose ground with inadequate lighting, resulting in a tie with non-LEED buildings for overall workplace happiness.

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From the Editors

Architectural Board Should Reinstate Sustainability Criteria

Collaboration skills and sustainability concepts are being “elevated” by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)—but it’s really a demotion.

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Fermacell GmbH
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Conditioning Energy Recovery Ventilator (CERV)

Build Equinox
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PhosphoReduc Filtration Media

Convergent Water Technologies
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Residential Advice & Analysis

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Hurricane in a Bottle: Testing Building Assemblies for Moisture Resistance

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Low-Tech Cooling with This High-Tech Fan

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