Credit: Photo: ilovebutter. License: CC BY 2.0

What Makes the Building Envelope Green? BuildingGreen’s Guide to Thermal & Moisture Protection Products

From insulation to flashing tape to cladding, we look at the attributes of the greenest building envelope products.

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Product News & Reviews

BuildingGreen Announces Top 10 Products for 2016

These transformative products replace greenhouse gases, save water, and change how we view HVAC equipment.

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At David Edward, Material Transparency Is a Given

Tracking materials is standard practice at David Edward, giving the company an edge in a market where transparency is a priority.

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Green Building News

USGBC, Chemical Industry Reach Historic Compromise on Product Optimization

Option 3 of the LEED v4 Material Ingredients credit rewards manufacturers for chemical management up the supply chain.

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Free Database Can Guide Early Design Decisions on Carbon, Health

The Quartz Project opens up Pharos and GaBi intelligence to the public, combining the formats of HPDs and EPDs into one tool.

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Green Building to Create 3 Million Jobs by 2018, Says USGBC

A new report estimates the economic impact of LEED and green construction to date and predicts a trajectory of growth.

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Source Energy Is Federally Endorsed Metric for Net-Zero Buildings

The DOE releases a definition of zero energy buildings that it hopes will be adopted industry-wide.

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Jason McLennan Steps Down as Living Future CEO

McLennan will focus on his own practice after a decade as head of the International Living Future Institute.

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From the Editors

Fitting It In: HPDs in the Context of Company-Wide Environmental Management

Material transparency can work best as part of existing standards manufacturers already follow.

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