Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Environmental Building News?
For over 20 years, Environmental Building News (EBN) has been the source for what really matters in sustainable design and construction. Monthly issues of EBN as well as daily news coverage are available exclusively to subscribers of BuildingGreen Suite.

What is BuildingGreen Suite?
A BuildingGreen Suite membership includes online access to the GreenSpec directory of green building products, case studies from the High Performance Buildings database, and online access to new EBN issues as well as its 20+ years of guidance.

What is GreenSpec?
GreenSpec is a tool for helping you quickly find the building products that meet the certifications, LEED credits, and specific performance characteristics you require. More than just a database, GreenSpec provides you with:

  • high-level guidance to assess environmental performance for each product category
  • detailed listings to assess each product’s green performance characteristics
  • expert and peer evaluations
  • relevant manufacturer links
  • ability to save your research and share it with your project team

Orders, Memberships and Billing

I have lost or forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?
Use the password retrieval page to have your password sent to your e-mail address. If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, please contact us to reset your password.
How do I renew my BuildingGreen Suite membership?
Follow this link, choose your preferred billing option and complete the checkout process.
I have purchased a monthly auto-renewing membership. How do I cancel the monthly auto-renew?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the My Account link in the upper-right.
  3. Click the tab "Auto-renewals".
  4. Click "Cancel" next to the auto-renewing fee and confirm that you want to cancel the renewal. You will continue to have the same access to the site until your existing expiration date which you can view on your My Account page.

The product is not what I expected. Can I get a refund?

Monthly auto-renewing subscribers can cancel their auto-renew at any time. Please see the previous frequently asked question for instructions.
We offer a 100% money back guarantee on annual memberships. Please call contact us within the first 110 days of your membership to request a full refund. 

How do I receive notification of new BuildingGreen Suite content?

Every week, and more frequently when there is breaking news, we email BuildingGreen Bulletin email newsletter subscribers with fresh content.

Sign up here.


What browsers does support?

BuildingGreen officially supports Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you are having trouble viewing content on our site with any of these browsers please let us know. Users of older browsers (particularly Internet Explorer 6 or 7) are encouraged to upgrade their browsers for a more secure and enjoyable experience (both on our site and in general!).

I am having trouble viewing a PDF I downloaded from your web site. What should I do?

First make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader. We do not officially support older versions of Adobe Reader or other PDF viewing software.
If you have confirmed you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader but are still having trouble, please contact us.

What are Reader-to-Reader comments and how do I participate?

BuildingGreen Suite members can post comments to articles and product listings. The Reader-to-Reader help page has information about how to post comments and track discussions.

Editorial calendar

Can I get a copy of your editorial calendar?

Sorry, we do not publish an editorial calendar.