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The AIA 2008 National Convention and Design Exposition — "We the People" — starts next week Thursday, on the East Coast for the first time in almost a decade. As usual, BuildingGreen will be there. If you are, too, come see us at booth 14079. We also have people involved in a couple sessions. Peter Yost will co-lead an all-day preconvention workshop, "USGBC's Residential Programs," along with Mack Caldwell and Ann Edminster. On Thursday at 4 p.m. until 5:30, Nadav Malin, along with Scot Horst, answer the troubling question, "It's Certified Green, But What Does That Mean?" Me, I'll be a first-timer at AIA, and will be posting here from there. I've been going over the guide and the website... this thing's a monster.

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