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Finding Furniture Without Toxic Flame Retardants

Flame retardants in upholstered furniture are easier to avoid under new rules, but they’re not gone. Here’s how to navigate the changing landscape.

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Product News & Reviews

Aerogel Coating May Reduce Thermal Bridging

Thermal breaks can be pricey and may affect structural integrity. Aerolon is a non-structural alternative designed to have similar benefits.

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Can Products Do More Good Than Harm? The Living Product Challenge

ILFI is challenging companies to make a product with a positive “handprint” rather than a “footprint.” And it has to be affordable.

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Green Building News

California Could Go Solar Without Destroying Habitat

If PV were installed only in developed locations throughout California, the state could meets its energy needs three to five times over.

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Reduce Your Audit Risk with the R&D Tax Credit: Five Tips

The federal R&D credit looks like low-hanging fruit, but there might be a worm in the apple. Experts share lower-risk ways for AEC firms to file.

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AIA Top Ten Projects Demonstrate High Ideals on a Real-World Budget

2015 Project awards from the AIA’s Committee on the Environment (COTE) celebrate how mainstream good design can be.

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LEED Offers Living Building Challenge Alignment

Projects certified under LBC will be able to get full LEED credit in energy and water categories without added documentation.

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Will Aggressive Performance Goals Fit Under Google’s Glass Tent?

The design of Google’s green headquarters hinges on new technologies, like a “glass fabric” enclosure.

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From the Editors

Muscoe Martin: 1955–2014

The green building world has lost another champion, Muscoe Martin, of Philadelphia.

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