EBN Articles http://www2.buildinggreen.com/rss/articles en Ibuprofen Side Effects May Include Stunted Produce, Infertile Otters http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/ibuprofen-side-effects-may-include-stunted-produce-infertile-otters 21133 2015-01-25 2 2015 From our bodies into wastewater, and back into our water supplies, pharmaceuticals are disrupting biological processes in plants and animals. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/ibuprofen-side-effects-may-include-stunted-produce-infertile-otters Spray Foam with Minimal Global Warming Impact Now Available http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/spray-foam-minimal-global-warming-impact-now-available 21130 2015-01-23 2 2015 U.S. production of next-generation HFO blowing agents signals a positive shift in the spray polyurethane foam (SPF) market. Product News 18491 Brent Ehrlich http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/spray-foam-minimal-global-warming-impact-now-available 07 21 19: Foamed-in-Place Insulation Healthcare Giants Boycott Furniture Containing Flame Retardants http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/healthcare-giants-boycott-furniture-containing-flame-retardants 21104 2015-01-08 2 2015 Sixteen major buyers, including tech firms, retailers, and U.S. cities, have pledged to purchase furniture containing no chemical flame retardants. Newsbrief 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/healthcare-giants-boycott-furniture-containing-flame-retardants 17226 Endocrine Disruptors Cost Society Millions, Says Report http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/endocrine-disruptors-cost-society-millions-says-report 21051 2015-01-05 1 2015 Europe could be losing 1,300 million euros a year dealing with male reproductive illnesses caused by endocrine disruptors. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/endocrine-disruptors-cost-society-millions-says-report Colleges Making Progress—and Money—on Their Carbon Commitments http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/colleges-making-progress-and-money-their-carbon-commitments 21063 2015-01-05 1 2015 Schools that have signed the Presidents’ Climate Commitment have had some success but still need to cut emissions in half by 2031 Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/colleges-making-progress-and-money-their-carbon-commitments IgCC Opens Compliance Pathway Based on Actual Energy Use http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/igcc-opens-compliance-pathway-based-actual-energy-use 21054 2015-01-04 1 2015 An outcome-based approach assures that buildings actually achieve energy targets and relieves technical pressures on code departments. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/igcc-opens-compliance-pathway-based-actual-energy-use Heat-Pump Clothes Dryers Finally Reach U.S. http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/heat-pump-clothes-dryers-finally-reach-us 21055 2015-01-04 1 2015 Whirlpool’s ventless hybrid heat pump dryer technology promises substantial energy savings along with increased capacity and fast drying times. Product Review 18491 Brent Ehrlich http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/heat-pump-clothes-dryers-finally-reach-us 11 31 23: Residential Laundry Appliances How to Succeed with the Living Building Challenge: 12 Teams Share Tips http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-succeed-living-building-challenge-12-teams-share-tips 21065 2015-01-04 1 2015 The bar is high—that’s obvious—but watch out for some surprising pitfalls. Here’s how dedicated teams have tackled Living Building challenges. Feature 18480 Paula Melton 18497 Tristan Roberts http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-succeed-living-building-challenge-12-teams-share-tips Net-Positive, Regenerative Design, and Other Ways Buildings Can Do Good http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/net-positive-regenerative-design-and-other-ways-buildings-can-do-good 21057 2015-01-04 1 2015 Instead of making a big fat net-zero your goal, regenerative design encourages whole-systems thinking and projects that actually add benefit to the environment. BackPage Primer 18497 Tristan Roberts 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/net-positive-regenerative-design-and-other-ways-buildings-can-do-good ECOS Challenges Paint Industry to Disclose Ingredients http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/ecos-challenges-paint-industry-disclose-ingredients 21053 2015-01-04 1 2015 ECOS Paints ignored “trade secret” complaints made by other manufacturers and now makes the first paints designated Red List Free for the Living Building Challenge. Product Review 18491 Brent Ehrlich http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/ecos-challenges-paint-industry-disclose-ingredients 9895 09 90 00: Painting and Coating Muscoe Martin: 1955–2014 http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/muscoe-martin-1955-2014 21081 2014-12-31 2 2015 The green building world has lost another champion, Muscoe Martin, of Philadelphia. From the Editors 18523 Alex Wilson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/muscoe-martin-1955-2014 Can the Living Building Challenge Scale Up? http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/urban-projects-living-building-challenge 21072 2014-12-30 1 2015 The stringent system has already changed the world, but to reach beyond demonstration projects it has to help everyday buildings succeed. From the Editors 18497 Tristan Roberts 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/urban-projects-living-building-challenge Water Scarcity Means Higher ROI for Water Retrofits http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/water-scarcity-means-higher-roi-water-retrofits 21050 2014-12-23 1 2015 Market pricing doesn't predict when water will become scarce. A new tool calculates realistic payback scenarios for efficiency projects based on local conditions. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/water-scarcity-means-higher-roi-water-retrofits Industry-Average Impacts of Concrete Revealed in EPD http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/industry-average-impacts-concrete-revealed-epd 21047 2014-12-23 1 2015 The industry-wide EPD for concrete shows impacts by U.S. region and meets LEED v4 requirements for a new material credit. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/industry-average-impacts-concrete-revealed-epd USGBC, Chemical Industry Begin Talks http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/usgbc-chemical-industry-begin-talks 21043 2014-12-19 1 2015 You say “risk” and I say “hazard,” but we can’t call the whole thing off. So the Supply Chain Optimization Working Group is set to begin its work. News 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/usgbc-chemical-industry-begin-talks Material Health Tools Harmonize http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/material-health-tools-harmonize 21044 2014-12-19 1 2015 Manufacturers should get more consistent signals as Cradle to Cradle, GreenScreen, Pharos, and other tools align, while staking out niches. News 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/material-health-tools-harmonize Greenwash Getting Easier to Spot, But Still Confusing http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/greenwash-getting-easier-spot-still-confusing 21045 2014-12-19 1 2015 A survey shows consumers generally find value in third-party product certifications but can be confused by less credible claims if not provided enough context. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/greenwash-getting-easier-spot-still-confusing AIA Prioritizes Resilient Design, Product Transparency http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/aia-prioritizes-resilient-design-product-transparency 21042 2014-12-18 1 2015 New statements on resilience and healthy materials expand the AIA’s environmental advocacy. News 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/aia-prioritizes-resilient-design-product-transparency Perkins+Will Shares Strategies to Avoid Flame Retardants http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/perkinswill-shares-strategies-avoid-flame-retardants 20800 2014-12-01 12 2014 A chemist and an interior designer team up to compile design guidance for reducing exposure to harmful chemicals. Newsbrief 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/perkinswill-shares-strategies-avoid-flame-retardants Harmful Chemicals May Leach from PEX into Drinking Water http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/harmful-chemicals-may-leach-pex-drinking-water 20797 2014-12-01 12 2014 Replacing PVC with untested substitutes? New research shows how little we understand about how plumbing materials affect indoor water quality. News 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/harmful-chemicals-may-leach-pex-drinking-water 22 11 16: Domestic Water Piping New Nanomaterial Could Dramatically Improve Concentrating Solar http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/new-nanomaterial-could-dramatically-improve-concentrating-solar 20801 2014-12-01 12 2014 A team of researchers at UC–San Diego has developed a silicon-based material with 90% conversion efficiency and remarkable durability. Newsbrief 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/new-nanomaterial-could-dramatically-improve-concentrating-solar Solar Farms Offer Renewable Power for the Rest of Us http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/solar-farms-offer-renewable-power-rest-us 20794 2014-12-01 12 2014 Community solar allows customers with site limitations to purchase commercial-quality photovoltaic systems—and the Clean Energy Collective is making it easier. Product Review 18491 Brent Ehrlich http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/solar-farms-offer-renewable-power-rest-us 48 14 00: Solar Energy Electrical Power Generation Equipment Cool Products from the Latest Greenbuild Expo http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/cool-products-latest-greenbuild-expo 20798 2014-12-01 12 2014 We scoured the Greenbuild expo floor for the best new products and the most interesting updates. Then we whittled it down to these standouts. Feature 18491 Brent Ehrlich http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/cool-products-latest-greenbuild-expo Phthalate Levels Connected to Reproductive Troubles http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/phthalate-levels-connected-reproductive-troubles 20788 2014-12-01 12 2014 Dashing female libido and shrinking your son’s male parts are now on the list of health hazards associated with phthalates. Now do we have your attention? Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/phthalate-levels-connected-reproductive-troubles Mechanical—Not Natural—Drying Is a Must After a Flood http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/mechanical-not-natural-drying-must-after-flood 20802 2014-12-01 12 2014 Long-term research confirms that airing it out doesn’t cut the mustard (or the mold) after major moisture damage. Newsbrief 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/mechanical-not-natural-drying-must-after-flood