EBN Articles http://www2.buildinggreen.com/rss/articles en Impacts of Architectural Coatings to Be Measured Over 60 Years http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/impacts-architectural-coatings-be-measured-over-60-years 22185 2015-08-14 9 2015 The first PCR created for architectural coatings in North America Newsbrief 21895 Alana Fichman 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/impacts-architectural-coatings-be-measured-over-60-years Tenant Submetering Now Mandatory in New York City http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/tenant-submetering-now-mandatory-new-york-city 22184 2015-08-14 9 2015 Local Law 88 requires submetering and lighting upgrades for large non-residential buildings. Newsbrief 21895 Alana Fichman http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/tenant-submetering-now-mandatory-new-york-city How the 2015 EBie Award Winners Did It http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-2015-ebie-award-winners-did-it 22137 2015-08-03 8 2015 Underrated and overlooked building operators and facility managers received their due at the annual EBie awards. Newsbrief 21895 Alana Fichman http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-2015-ebie-award-winners-did-it How to Read an EPD: 7 Tips from the Field (Video) http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-read-epd-7-tips-field-video 22143 2015-08-03 8 2015 In this short video primer, Arup engineer Frances Yang explains how to get what you need from environmental product declarations. BackPage Primer http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-read-epd-7-tips-field-video EPDs: One Small Step for Design Professionals, a Giant Leap for Industry http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/epds-one-small-step-design-professionals-giant-leap-industry 22138 2015-08-03 8 2015 Uptake of life-cycle assessment will produce huge amounts of data that designers can use to reduce whole-building impacts. From the Editors 18846 Jennifer O'Connor http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/epds-one-small-step-design-professionals-giant-leap-industry Apples to Pineapples: Four Reasons You Can’t Compare EPDs http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/apples-pineapples-four-reasons-you-can-t-compare-epds 22144 2015-08-03 8 2015 We’d love to use transparency tools to compare products “apples-to-apples.” But we’ve got a long way to go. Feature Shorts 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/apples-pineapples-four-reasons-you-can-t-compare-epds Seven Things Manufacturers Wish You Understood About EPDs http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/seven-things-manufacturers-wish-you-understood-about-epds 22152 2015-08-03 8 2015 Some manufacturers say creating EPDs has improved their products. But they also have important messages for the design community. From the Editors http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/seven-things-manufacturers-wish-you-understood-about-epds Orwellian EPDs Ignore the Worst Impacts of Wood, Vinyl http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/orwellian-epds-ignore-worst-impacts-wood-vinyl 22139 2015-08-03 8 2015 Although life-cycle assessment has great promise, in the wrong hands it can be used for greenwashing. From the Editors 22140 Jason Grant http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/orwellian-epds-ignore-worst-impacts-wood-vinyl Styrofoam’s Chemistry Becoming Less Hazardous, Gradually http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/styrofoam-s-chemistry-becoming-less-hazardous-gradually 22136 2015-08-03 8 2015 The world’s leading manufacturer of extruded polystyrene will phase out a toxic flame retardant around 2017 and problematic blowing agents by 2020. Product News 18523 Alex Wilson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/styrofoam-s-chemistry-becoming-less-hazardous-gradually How EPDs Are Improving Our Products: A Manufacturer’s Perspective http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-epds-are-improving-our-products-manufacturer-s-perspective 22142 2015-08-03 8 2015 Some manufacturers wonder if EPDs are worth the effort. Yes—and the business case is stronger than the marketing case. From the Editors 22141 Andrée Iffrig http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-epds-are-improving-our-products-manufacturer-s-perspective 10754 EPDs Are the Future of the Building Industry, Whether You Like It or Not http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/epds-are-future-building-industry-whether-you-it-or-not 22128 2015-08-02 8 2015 Environmental product declarations are taking off, but can they actually fly? Experts share the ups and downs of this promising but imperfect transparency tool. Feature 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/epds-are-future-building-industry-whether-you-it-or-not Cladding Industry Agrees to One Rulebook for Conducting LCAs http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/cladding-industry-agrees-one-rulebook-conducting-lcas 22129 2015-07-29 8 2015 One set of rules, called PCRs, now governs environmental reporting for all cladding products, regardless of whether they are wood, vinyl, or metal. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/cladding-industry-agrees-one-rulebook-conducting-lcas How ‘Safe’ Chemicals Could Team Up to Cause Cancer http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-safe-chemicals-could-team-cause-cancer 22125 2015-07-29 8 2015 Chemicals that are benign on their own may turn malignant in combination with others circulating in the environment, researchers warn. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/how-safe-chemicals-could-team-cause-cancer Consolidation of Green Codes Continues http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/consolidation-green-codes-continues 22123 2015-07-27 8 2015 In response to calls from the industry, the two most prominent green codes will be consolidated, with ASHRAE 189.1 to serve as the backbone of IgCC. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/consolidation-green-codes-continues SITES Exits Legal Limbo by Joining GBCI http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/sites-exits-legal-limbo-joining-gbci 22122 2015-07-23 8 2015 The landscaping equivalent of LEED has joined the ranks of programs falling under GBCI’s green certification portfolio. News 21895 Alana Fichman http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/sites-exits-legal-limbo-joining-gbci Mothers Who Clean for a Living More Likely to Have Babies with Genital Defects http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/mothers-who-clean-living-more-likely-have-babies-genital-defects 22121 2015-07-23 8 2015 Health linkages to a variety of chemicals common in buildings, including endocrine disruptors, add to a growing list of concerns. Newsbrief 21895 Alana Fichman http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/mothers-who-clean-living-more-likely-have-babies-genital-defects All-in-One Sheathing and Air Barrier Speeds Construction http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/all-one-sheathing-and-air-barrier-speeds-construction 22064 2015-07-06 7 2015 The Securock ExoAir 430 system combines USG’s gypsum sheathing with a factory-applied air-and-water barrier from Tremco for jobsite quality control. Product Review 18491 Brent Ehrlich http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/all-one-sheathing-and-air-barrier-speeds-construction The Great Transparent Elevator: Disclosure on the Rise for Conveying Systems http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/great-transparent-elevator-disclosure-rise-conveying-systems 22066 2015-07-06 7 2015 ThyssenKrupp is documenting its footprint and optimizing ingredients for some of the most complex and costly building systems: elevators. Product Review 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/great-transparent-elevator-disclosure-rise-conveying-systems Design Strategies for Occupant Engagement—and Why They Boost Performance http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/design-strategies-occupant-engagement-and-why-they-boost-performance 22061 2015-07-06 7 2015 Researchers reveal simple ways to empower occupants to reduce energy, water, and waste. It all starts with good design. Feature 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/design-strategies-occupant-engagement-and-why-they-boost-performance Is Particleboard Deadly? Formaldehyde Emissions Explained http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/particleboard-deadly-formaldehyde-emissions-explained 22063 2015-07-06 7 2015 Formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products will soon be strictly regulated in the U.S., but questions remain. BackPage Primer 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/particleboard-deadly-formaldehyde-emissions-explained GSA Links High-Performance Outcomes to Integrated Design http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/gsa-links-high-performance-outcomes-integrated-design 22060 2015-06-30 7 2015 Project teams appear to function better, and their buildings end up greener, under collaborative project delivery. News 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/gsa-links-high-performance-outcomes-integrated-design Automatic LEED Points for CALGreen Code Compliance http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/automatic-leed-points-calgreen-code-compliance 22057 2015-06-30 7 2015 Little more than a building permit is now needed to document six LEED credits if your project is subject to California code requirements. News 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/automatic-leed-points-calgreen-code-compliance Fedrizzi Announces Departure from USGBC http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/fedrizzi-announces-departure-usgbc 22059 2015-06-29 7 2015 The board has until the end of 2016 to complete its search for the leader’s replacement. News 18480 Paula Melton http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/fedrizzi-announces-departure-usgbc Green Real Estate Trusts Yield Higher Returns http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/green-real-estate-trusts-yield-higher-returns 22058 2015-06-29 7 2015 A high GRESB score could mark a good real estate stock or equity investment, according to researchers. Newsbrief 18478 Candace Pearson http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/green-real-estate-trusts-yield-higher-returns Class of 2030: Groups Agitate for Sustainability in Architecture Schools http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/class-2030-groups-agitate-sustainability-architecture-schools 22055 2015-06-25 7 2015 Not everyone was satisfied with the 2014 environmental building criteria conditions from the NAAB. Here's what's happening now. News 21895 Alana Fichman http://www2.buildinggreen.com/article/class-2030-groups-agitate-sustainability-architecture-schools