What's New in Multi-Attribute Environmental Certifications

The industry is increasingly recognizing the need for a more comprehensive review of green products. We don't have perfect programs yet, but we scrutinize the most prominent programs out there and highlight how they're useful.

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Green Building News

Non-Green Office Buildings Sacrifice 8% in Rent Revenues

The most comprehensive statistical analysis to date shows that LEED and Energy Star buildings charge 3% higher rent, have greater occupancy rates, and sell for 13% more than comparable properties.

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Glazing Industry Fights Tightened Energy Standards

Changes to ASHRAE Standard 90.1 have been successfully appealed by several glazing industry associations. Changes would have reduced the maximum window-to-wall ratio in commercial building envelopes from 40% to 30%.

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Model Building Code Now 30% More Energy Efficient

Changes to the International Energy Conservation Code will result in 30% energy savings over previous codes.

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LEED Gold Now Required for Federal Buildings

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Study Says Bioplastics Not Necessarily Greener

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USGBC Releases New Draft of LEED for Public Comment

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Product News & Reviews

BuildingGreen Announces 2010 Top-10 Green Products

BuildingGreen announced its ninth annual Top-10 Green Building Products during the 2010 Greenbuild conference in Chicago. The list recognizes the most exciting products drawn from recent additions to GreenSpec, coverage in EBN, and BuildingGreen.com blogs.

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Recovering Heat from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

The Halton Heat Recovery Unit captures heat in commercial kitchen exhaust to pre-heat incoming make-up air, reducing the HVAC demands on the kitchen. Optional domestic water heating loops and air-cooling coils are also available.

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New Heat Mirror Glazing for Commercial Applications

Southwall Technologies and Dow Corning have introduced a glazing system that will allow high-performance Heat Mirror glazings to be used in "structural sealant glazing" in commercial buildings.

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EBN Editors Help Untangle Green Certifications

A New Edge in Specifying Green Building Products

BackPage Primer

Heat-Pump Water Heaters

Heat-pump water heaters produce more than twice as much hot water per kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed as standard electric water heaters.

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December 2010

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