Design for Adaptation: Living in a Climate-Changing World

Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases tomorrow, rising global temperatures would still bring major changes to the climate system and our way of life. This article offers solutions for designing buildings that not only mitigate our impact on the global climate, but also adapt to the changes that are coming-and those that are already here.

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Product News & Reviews

Urine Separation: The Next Wave of Ecological Wastewater Treatment

Urine-separating toilets offer better treatment options for both urine and feces, and they're coming to the U.S.

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Invelope: A Breakthrough in Exterior Commercial Wall Assemblies?

Invelope is a steel and foam panel that serves as a moisture and vapor barrier, drainage plane, and insulation while also providing a mounting system for brick veneer or terra-cotta cladding.

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BAC Acquires Harvard Landscape Program

Renewables Surge as Percentage of U.S. Electricity

Massachusetts Stretches the Energy Code

Michelle Moore Joins the Obama Administration

New Lease Model Shares Green Building Costs, Benefits

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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have some downsides, but mostly offer advantages over conventional storage water heaters.

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September 2009

Volume 18, Number 9

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