Cost-Effective Green Retrofits: Opportunities for Savings in Existing Buildings

Between lighting, water use, mechanical systems, the building envelope, and occupant health, existing buildings are rife with cost-effective retrofits and operational opportunities that also offer environmental benefits. Improvements range from the painfully obvious to the more complex and involved.

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Product News & Reviews

The First Practical Heliostat

Practical Solar has introduced a simple heliostat system to reflect sunlight into buildings for lighting and space heating; future applications will include water heating and electricity generation.

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iCrete Mixes Stronger Concrete With Less Cement

iCrete is an approach to concrete mix design that uses a proprietary algorithm, informed by detailed analysis of available aggregates, to optimize particle packing and use only as much cement as necessary.

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Top-10 Products for Affordable Green Retrofits

Ten key product areas represent compelling opportunities for cost-effective, environmentally friendly retrofits to existing buildings.

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Retrofitting Professionals Get an Industry Association

USGBC Puts Scot Horst in Charge of LEED

Green Roof Professional Accreditation to Launch in June

Groups Pledge to Find Common Carbon Metrics

Alternative Septic Systems Draw Criticism

NAHB Research Center Launches "Green Approved" Label

Data Center Groups Lobby USGBC for New LEED Rating System

From the Editors

Remembering Greg Franta

BackPage Primer

Porous Paving

Pavement that allows infiltration of stormwater comes in a variety of types, and offers many environmental and even cost benefits.

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April 2009

Volume 18, Number 4

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