Water Policies: Encouraging Conservation

Conserving water goes beyond building design and technology. Water use is governed by federal, state, and local policies, from maximum flow requirements to pricing structures that encourage or discourage conservation.

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Product News & Reviews

Masonite Offers Straw-Core Door With No Added Urea-Formaldehyde

Masonite's Safe 'N Sound Emerald door features a wheat-straw core, FSC-certified veneers, and adhesives with no added urea-formaldehyde.

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Canadian Development Dockside Green Earns LEED Platinum

D.C. Requires Building Owners to Report Energy Use

Aspen Considers Renewable Energy Requirements for Commercial Buildings

Regional Standards for Air-Conditioners in the Works

Paint Companies Not Responsible in Rhode Island Lead Case

Department of Energy Focuses on Net-Zero Commercial Buildings

Electrical Contractors Group Endorses Green Training

Groups Merge to Coordinate Greening of Hospitals

San Francisco Passes Stringent Green Building Requirements

From the Editors

Sustainable Design Leaders Explore Their Profession

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Vapor Retarders and Air Barriers: Managing Moisture in Building Envelopes

Air barriers, which prevent air leakage, and vapor retarders, which control moisture diffusion, are both important for controlling moisture in a building envelope.

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September 2008

Volume 17, Number 9

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