Behind the Logos: Understanding Green Product Certifications

The number of environmental product standards and certifications is growing rapidly, putting numerous different "green" logos on products. This article reviews the key programs and evaluates their rigor, and offers guidance in using them to accomplish project goals.

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Product News & Reviews

Beneficial Bacteria Reduce Urinal Water Use

The Ecoblue Cube uses beneficial bacteria to convert conventional flushing urinals to virtually waterless operation without significant installation costs, and avoiding the common pitfalls of waterless urinals.

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PlybooPure is Formaldehyde Free

The PlybooPure line of bamboo flooring and panel products from Smith & Fong uses a polyisocyanurate binder, making it urea-formaldehyde-free.

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Mixed-Use Building Approaches 2030 Goals

Grand Teton Visitor Center Earns LEED Platinum

Canada Offering Energy Efficiency Retrofit Grants

British Study Shows Promise for Micro-CHP

Heat Pumps Gaining Market Share

Developer Daniel Tishman Selected to Chair NRDC Board

AIA Study Finds Growth in Municipal Green Building Programs

Kresge Expands Green Building Grants Program

CCI Wields Purchasing Power for Energy Efficiency

Canadian Multifamily Project Earns LEED Platinum

BackPage Primer

Solar Reflectance Index and Cool Roofs

Understanding reflectivity and emissivity of roofing materials is important to evaluating their effect on cooling loads and the urban heat island effect.

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January 2008

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