Controls Go Wireless

Particularly for lighting and ventilation controls in retrofit situations wireless systems offer potential energy, money, and resource savings. The technology is still new, however, and potential drawbacks like health risks, interference, and even the potential for increased energy consumption need to be examined.

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Product News & Reviews

BuildingGreen Announces 2007 Top-10 Products

BuildingGreen, Inc., publisher of the GreenSpec Directory and Environmental Building News (EBN), announced its annual Top-10 Green Building Products, representing the most exciting products covered in those publications in the last year.

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Migrations Biobased Tile from Armstrong

A new biobased composition tile from Armstrong offers a more attractive alternative to popular vinyl composition tile.

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USGBC Releases Research Agenda

California Funds Solar Water Heating Systems

USGBC Adopts Core Performance Guide for LEED Energy Points

Universities Gain New Sustainability Reporting Tool

GE Real Estate Commits to Green

FSC: US Appoints New President

Perkins + Will Acquires Guenther 5

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BackPage Primer

Energy Metrics: Btus, Watts, and Kilowatt-Hours

Mixing units of electric power with those of energy is a common mistake, but distiguishing kilowatts from kilowatt-hours is not that complicated, and is worth getting straight.

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December 2007

Volume 16, Number 12

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