Climate Change Dominates Greenbuild Conference Agenda

With several announcements at the 2006 Greenbuild conference in Denver, the U.S. Green Building Council signaled that it would use its LEED Rating System to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by tightening LEED requirements and by increasing the number of buildings designed to LEED standards.

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Green Building News

LEED Streamlined for Real Estate Portfolios, Volume Builders

The U.S. Green Building Council's new portfolio program, in pilot phase for the next year, will streamline the process for institutions with large real estate portfolios, and companies building in volume, to certify those buildings with LEED.

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Cascadia Challenges Green to Go Beyond Platinum

The Cascadia Green Building Council has issued the Living Building Challenge, a rating system based on 16 prerequisites, aiming to define a "true measure of sustainability in the built environment."

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Two Reports Laud Green Schools

Two recent reports, one from the National Academies' National Research Council and one from Capital E, confirm that green schools support student and faculty health and performance, and are a good investment.

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D.C. Considers Green Building Legislation

Legislation before the Washington, D.C. Council would enact green building requirements for both public and private projects, making it the first major U.S. city to do so.

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Recycled-Content Paint Standard Released

A new latex paint standard addresses product quality, performance, VOC content, and additive- and recycled-content levels.

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New Infrastructure for LEED

Rather than seeking to develop LEED 3.0 as a new version of its LEED Rating System, the U.S. Green Building Council has chosen to create a new framework for managing LEED.

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Product News & Reviews

Cold Climate Heat Pump Redux

The two-stage high-capacity cold-climate heat pump that was introduced in 2004 and then discontinued in 2005 is back, and from more than one company.

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Fiber-Optic Luminaire Mixes Sun and Electric Light

A new system from Sunlight Direct includes a roof-mounted concentrating mirror that tracks the sun, fiber-optic cables, and conventional-looking light fixtures on the ceiling that deliver a calibrated mix of sunlight and electrical light.

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New Admixture Solves Concrete's Weaknesses

A new concrete admixture, Hycrete, could come to replace a variety of waterproofing and corrosion-proofing membranes and coatings applied to concrete.

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Green Cleaning Network Launched

Green Building Alliance Launches New Products Program

Green Communities Offers Charrette Grants

UK to Introduce Code for Sustainable Homes

USGBC Approves FloorScore for LEED Credit

Rohm and Haas, CSI Link Up

Integrative Design Standard Released for Comments

Green Building Consultants Form New Company

Yale Team Hired to Support USGBC's Biobased Materials Deliberations

Green Building Leaders Form Terrapin

Kirsten Ritchie Joins Gensler

Rob Watson Leaves NRDC to Form Consulting Firm

Interface Opens New Consulting Venture

BD&C Survey Finds Growing Expectations for Green Building

DOE Proposes New Furnace Efficiency Standards

PricewaterhouseCoopers Endorses "Green Growth Plus"

Stern Report Advises Paying Now to Avoid Climate Change

December 2006

Volume 15, Number 12

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