Making the Case for Green Building

The benefits of green building range from reduced infrastructure and faster lease-out to improved health and easier employee recruiting. There are lots of reasons to build green, and this article lays out 46 of them to help you make the case!

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Product News & Reviews

Non-Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

The Dolphin Series from Clearwater Systems cleans cooling-tower water using pulsed electromagnetic fields in place of harsh chemicals.

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Underwater Timber Salvage

An Oregon company pulls sinker logs from the bottom of the Columbia River Basin, removing navigational hazards while salvaging a long-lost resource.

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Scottsdale Calls for LEED Gold

Mercury Exposure Reduces Earning Potential

ASHRAE to Study Noise

Sherwin-Williams Ends Legal Challenges

Kresge Revises Grant Guidelines

BMRA Announces Call for Presentations

Yost Announces New Company

Marco Island, Florida, Bans Artificial Turf

April 2005

Volume 14, Number 4

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