Getting to Zero: The Frontier of Low-Energy Buildings

Despite the buzz about zero-energy buildings, just what zero-energy means and how to achieve it remain confusing at best. Divergent definitions and limited monitoring leave questions about how much energy these buildings actually use, and getting to zero, by almost any definition, challenges even the most experienced design teams. This article sorts out the confusion and sheds light on some of the stumbling blocks along the path to zero-energy.

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Product News & Reviews

Ice Bear: Thermal Energy Storage for Smaller Buildings

Ice Energy's Ice Bear brings thermal energy storage to the "Starbucks to Wal-Mart" market, offering savings in demand charges and through more attractive time-of-day billing costs for electricity.

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Illinois Adopts RPS

Texas Strengthens RPS

Oregon Expands Solar Energy Tax Credits

New York Passes Two Solar Energy Bills

NYC Launches Lights Out New York

Million Solar Roofs Bill Dies

Dane County Habitat Homes Earn Green Built Home Certification

Keen Joins Stantec

Genzyme Achieves Platinum

All Potlatch Forestland Achieves FSC Certification

AQS Tests Emissions from Material Installations

ASTM Publishes Sustainability Guide

DOE Compares Energy Simulation Programs

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A Bold Plan for New Orleans

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