Porous Pavement: A Win-Win Stormwater Strategy

Impervious surfaces and the resulting stormwater runoff are to blame for surface water pollution, flooding, erosion, and low urban tree survival rates. Allowing stormwater to infiltrate the ground through porous pavement can solve these and other environmental problems. This article addresses porous concrete, porous asphalt, various types of porous pavers, and turf-based systems; a table of products is included.

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Product News & Reviews

Fusiotherm Polypropylene Piping from Aquatherm

Fusiotherm, approved by Greenpeace in Europe, is durable, recyclable, and free of PVC, heavy metals, and flame retardants. It's also far easier to install than copper at about the same price.

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Thoughts on the Oil Bubble

September 2004

Volume 13, Number 9

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