The Elevator Revolution

Gearless, machine-room-less elevators save space and energy. And, they just might make hydraulic and geared traction elevators extinct. EBN examines the new technologies and compares the offerings from all the major manufacturers.

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Green Building News

New Data on the Cost of Building Green

Green buildings cost little if any more than their conventional counterparts, reports Davis Langdon Adamson, who specialize in cost estimating and cost management in construction.

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Daley Announces Chicago Standard

The latest move in a quest to make his city the greenest in the country, Mayor Daley has unveiled a Chicago-tailored version of LEED® and announced that all new municipal buildings will be LEED Certified.

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DuPont Cited for Withholding PFOA Risks

EPA has charged DuPont with violating the Toxic Substances Control Act and could fine the company more than $300 million.

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Revitalization Institute Opens Shop

The nonprofit Revitalization Institute™ aims to bring together restoration, remediation, and revitalization professionals, and to develop a rating system for such projects.

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EU Risk Assessment Clears Deca-BDE Flame Retardant

To the relief of the chemical industry, an EU report finds little danger in the deca form of PBDE.

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Howard Resigns as Federal Environmental Executive

John Howard, a strong ally of environmental organizations, has left his position to Ed Pinero, who has been Deputy Federal Environmental Executive since January 2003.

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Tidal Power for New York

A tidal-power farm of more than 200 underwater turbines is planned for NYC's East River. The first six start spinning this summer.

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Product News & Reviews

C&A Makes Carpet from Recycled Windshields

Answering Kaiser Permanente's request for PVC-free products, C&A Floorcovering has released Ethos™, a carpet backing made from recycled safety-glass film.

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Vancouver Adopts LEED Gold Policy

Connecticut's Act Concerning Climate Change

California Releases Standard Practice for VOC Testing

Rhode Island Passes Renewable Energy Standard

Energy Star for Commercial Building Designs

Debbi Allen Memorial

India's President Kalam Innagurates CII Building

August 2004

Volume 13, Number 8