Audubon Treats Los Angeles to a New Kind of Nature Center

The first LEED(r) v2 Platinum building in the U.S. is off-the-grid, treating its own wastewater and making its own electricity, despite being just ten minutes from downtown Los Angeles. More than half of its building materials were locally manufactured, and nearly all of its construction debris was reused or recycled. Perhaps best of all, over 50,000 children live within two miles of this educational center.

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Green Building News

Massachusetts Proposes Ban on C&D Waste, Including Treated Wood

The first stage of the ban, expected to take effect this year, includes asphalt paving, brick, concrete, metal, and wood. The proposed inclusion of CCA-treated wood is generating controversy.

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CCA Phaseout Relatively Smooth

No news is good news, probably. EBN checks in with the preservative-treated wood industry about the phaseout, and discusses alternative technologies.

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California Releases Data on Indoor Emissions

Do products with high recycled content have high levels of indoor air emissions? The State of California wanted to find out. EBN takes a look at the test results.

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Court Rules for Air Conditioner Efficiency

The Bush Administration tried to lower efficiency standards for residential central air conditioners. Challenged in court, the plan lost.

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Product News & Reviews

Dramatically Downsized CFLs from Westinghouse

Incorporating tiny ballasts in standard screw bases, these compact fluorescents break the size barrier.

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New Jersey Stormwater Regulations

CRRC Aged Testing of Roofing Products

Inuit People and Climate Change

IRN Approved by Boston Society of Architects

2003 Ties for Second-Warmest Year

Extinction Due to Climate Change

Climate Change and Soot

Prozac Found in Fish

Prozac Slows Fish Development

Renewable Energy in Canada

Link Between Sprawl and Obesity

WTC Reconstruction Environmental Guidelines

February 2004

Volume 13, Number 2