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Humabuilt Wheatboard-Core Doors

The core of each Humabuilt door is made of a stable, formaldehyde-free wheatstraw product bound with waterproof, formaldehyde-free MDI binder.

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Advanced ERV from Stirling Technology

This energy-recovery ventilator, designed to exchange air while transferring both heat and humidity, uses a brushless DC, variable-speed ECPM motor to deliver the industry's most efficient operation.

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Speedi-Boot for Sealing and Protecting Duct Boots

This boot hanger for air-supply ducts installs quickly between joists, trusses, or studs and simplifies achieving LEED IEQ credit 3.1.

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Kirei Panel from Waste Sorghum Fiber

This high-design, lightweight, formaldehyde-free panel is made of waste fiber left over after processing sorghum.

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Free Occupant Surveys for LEED Buildings

San Francisco Adopts Green Building Ordinance

Colorado Passes Renewable Energy Standard

From the Editors

If It's Not LEED, Can It Still Be Green?

December 2004

Volume 13, Number 12

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