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Green Building News

The Proliferation of LEED

Business is booming for the USGBC as it welcomes a Canadian version of LEED, introduces LEED for Existing Buildings and for Commercial Interiors, and hails legions of new LEED accredited professionals. Plus, Malin gives a first-hand account of taking the new LEED-AP exam.

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Greenbuild Highlights

Nearly 8,000 green building enthusiasts gathered in Portland, Oregon in early November for the USGBC's third annual conference and expo.

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LEED for Existing Buildings Goes Live

The USGBC formally launched LEED for Existing Buildings during Greenbuild. This article explains the most important differences among LEED-NC, the version of LEED-EB that was piloted, and the just-launched LEED-EB.

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LEED for Commercial Interiors Launches

LEED for Commercial Interiors was approved by members and launched during Greenbuild. This article compares the new system to LEED-NC and to the LEED-CI pilot.

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LEED Canada Opens for Business

The Canada Green Building Council's launch of LEED Canada is imminent. It is similar in most respects to the U.S. version of LEED-NC, but includes some features, including a building durability credit, that may affect future versions of LEED in the U.S.

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LEED-NC Changes Proposed

USGBC has released for public comment a draft of LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations, version 2.2. This article explores the proposed changes.

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HCFC Report from TSAC Approved

A new report developed by the LEED HCFC Task Group, and ratified by USGBC just prior to Greenbuild, recommends broadening EAc4 to include the global-warming potential as well as the ozone-depletion potential of refrigerants.

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Mexico Green Building Council Launched

The Consejo Mexicano de Construccion Sustentable was launched during Greenbuild; it will be open to membership in April 2005.

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China Announces Green Building Plan

With more than 20 billion ft2 of new construction each year, China's construction practices have a huge impact on the environment. A new green building strategy aims to lessen that impact.

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Product News & Reviews

Humabuilt Wheatboard-Core Doors

The core of each Humabuilt door is made of a stable, formaldehyde-free wheatstraw product bound with waterproof, formaldehyde-free MDI binder.

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Advanced ERV from Stirling Technology

This energy-recovery ventilator, designed to exchange air while transferring both heat and humidity, uses a brushless DC, variable-speed ECPM motor to deliver the industry's most efficient operation.

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Speedi-Boot for Sealing and Protecting Duct Boots

This boot hanger for air-supply ducts installs quickly between joists, trusses, or studs and simplifies achieving LEED IEQ credit 3.1.

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Kirei Panel from Waste Sorghum Fiber

This high-design, lightweight, formaldehyde-free panel is made of waste fiber left over after processing sorghum.

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Free Occupant Surveys for LEED Buildings

San Francisco Adopts Green Building Ordinance

Colorado Passes Renewable Energy Standard

December 2004

Volume 13, Number 12

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