Floorcoverings: Including Maintenance in the Equation

We focus too much on the selection of floorcoverings and not enough on their maintenance. Which floorcoverings have the lowest environmental impacts and costs associated with maintenance? Which are best from an indoor air quality perspective? This article examines maintenance requirements associated with different commercial floorcoverings and how they relate to product selection.

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Product News & Reviews

New On-Demand Hot-Water Recirculation System from Taco

A second water recirculation system, from Taco, joins a similar product from ACT Metlund. To avoid wasting water while waiting for hot water to reach a distant faucet or shower, a small pump shunts water in the pipe back to the water heater, while delivering hot water very quickly. Both systems offer significant water and energy savings.

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BPA Linked to Chromosomal Abnormalities

Tembec Certifies Gordon Cosens Boreal Forest

CA Integrated Waste Management Board Numbers

CA "Exit Fee" on Solar Energy

Quebec on Pesticides

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LodeStone Correction and Update

May 2003

Volume 12, Number 5