April 2001

Volume 10, Number 4

Global Cooperation

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I have read your article covering the SB2000 Conference in The Netherlands (EBN Vol. 10, No. 1), and the response from Nils Larsson, executive director of the International Institute for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE) in the following issue. I appreciate Nils’ statement that iiSBE intends to cooperate with the World Green Building Council (WGBC).

One of the reasons for the U.S. Green Building Council’s success here in the U.S. (now with almost 700 organizational members) is its openness. From its inception, the USGBC encouraged membership from all sectors of the U.S. building industry, including competing sectors, organizations, and membership types, such as product manufacturers and environmental groups. Our founding principle was to have all sectors present so that an integrated and balanced dialog could occur. We also adopted a consensus-based process to ensure fairness. It was with this diverse participation that we were able to envision, develop, and launch the LEED™ Rating System and our other activities.

As iiSBE develops, I encourage the group to adopt similar provisions of openness and integration across sectors and countries. The WGBC welcomes the opportunity to sit at the table with iiSBE and help assist in its development and rapid expansion. Indeed, as Nils stated, “it’s a big world out there,” and we can only get at the necessary market transformation greatly needed in the immediate future by working closely together without boundaries and politics.

David A. Gottfried

WorldBuild Technologies Inc.

Founder, World & U.S. Green Building Councils

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April 1, 2001