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EBies Honor "Unsung Heroes" of High-Performance Buildings

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By Paula Melton


Urban Green Council's "EBies" reward people who work behind the scenes to make existing buildings perform at the top of their game.

Urban Green Council

Urban Green Council has announced the winners of the first “EBies,” which the group is touting as “the Oscars of sustainable building.” This year’s awards honor ten projects in six categories, with the goal of acknowledging “’unsung heroes’ who have made great strides in improving environmental performance but whose accomplishments may otherwise go unheralded,” according to a press release. Buildings undergoing operational improvements or retrofits—but not gut renovations—were eligible for the awards.

The All-Rounder

Awarded for improvement across two or more categories, this prize went to Glen Neville, director at Deutsche Bank, for energy and water conservation at the bank’s U.S. headquarters at 60 Wall Street in Manhattan.

Smooth Operator & All Revved Up and Ready to Go

This category (combined from two after nominations were reviewed) is similar to the All-Rounder but was awarded for improvements made solely through operations, maintenance, or retrocommissioning. Toby Barlow, chief creative officer at advertising firm Team Detroit, received the award for reductions in energy and water use.

The Reformed Drinker & Take Me to the River

Another combined award, this prize went to Steve Allwine, building manager and director of marketing at Seattle architecture firm Johnson Braund, for strategies that have reduced average potable water use to 5 gallons per person per day at the firm’s headquarters.


The Reformed Gas Guzzler

Three projects received this award by tying for the highest percentage of energy savings.

Klas Haglid, P.E., R.A., principal at Haglid Engineering & Associates received it for the 145 Talmadge Road Industrial Complex in Edison, New Jersey. He shares the honor with Jesse Dillard, P.E., energy manager for the City of Dallas, for a challenging retrofit of the Dallas Museum of Art; and with Carolyn Kelty, P.E., of CMTA Consulting Engineers, for reduced energy use at Rosa Parks Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky.

Shine a Light on Me

This award for the best lighting retrofit—based not only on energy savings but also on good design and productivity improvements—went to two recipients. Dennis Luster, sales representative at Facility Solutions Group, received the award for a lighting retrofit of the Fountainhead Business Park in San Antonio, Texas; and John Sarich, resident manager at William Beaver House in New York City, for lighting improvements to this multifamily building.

Verdant Brainiac

This award recognizes creative solutions in a renovation project, “particularly one that overcame significant barriers in a manner that is scalable,” according to Urban Green Council. Phil Silver, treasurer of 2311 4th Street Homeowners’ Association in Santa Monica, California, took home this prize for pushing past multiple financial, technical, and legal barriers in order to install an 18 kW photovoltaic array for his condominium complex. He shares the award with Marc Zuluaga, vice president and director of multifamily energy services at Steven Winter Associates, who spearheaded a comprehensive ventilation retrofit of Carlyle Towers in Caldwell, New Jersey, that has improved indoor air quality and reduced natural gas consumption by 25%. The strategy has been replicated throughout the New York metropolitan area.

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July 3, 2012